Future Ready Skills

Arm your people with the skills to adapt and change during times of disruption.

The world of work is rapidly changing, even more so now than ever. It has been a time of huge disruption, whilst some people have the skills to allow them to adapt and thrive, many don’t. Make sure your team is not left behind, ask about our future ready programme today. Did we mention it’s fully funded.

2 out of 5 adults

Will struggle to:-
  • Understand company processes and procedures

  • Communicate successfully in a range of situations

  • Problem solve

  • Work in a digital world

  • Deal with change

82% of businesses surveyed associated increased health and safety with their workplace’s literacy and basic skills training programme.

Our training programme can help!

Benefits to your business
  • Improved staff ability to cope with change

  • Increased engagement and staff involvement

  • Improved team effectiveness & communications

  • Improved wellbeing

  • Boosted staff productivity

  • Reduced wastage

“We totally recommend this programme to anyone looking to develop their staff of all ages, and the fact the programme is tailor-made means you can achieve very specific outcomes.” Manager – Waikato Milking Systems

Programme Facts

Our programmes are available to employers and completed in small groups. These programmes are based on core literacy, communication and numeracy training and tailored to overcome the problems your particular business may be trying to solve.

Thanks to the Government’s focus on improving workplace literacy, all of our bespoke training programmes are completely free*. Funding is limited, therefore we can only facilitate training for a select group of clients each quarter. Get in quick and secure your funding today.

*Learner eligibility criteria applies.

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