Alison Twaddle

Education Delivery Manager

Alison proudly leads the Aspire2 Business Programme Delivery Team. She has worked in the adult education sector in UK, Australia and New Zealand over many years, specializing in workplace communication training.

Her key drivers are quality and innovation. She ensures processes are smooth and thorough, tutors are of a high calibre, and the learning approach is interactive and energizing – building skills, knowledge and confidence. Her aim is to ensure every client receives a high standard individualized programme that focuses on their business needs and their people.

For Alison, workplace training is a very rewarding area to be part of – the direct connection between the learning input and application at work means learners make huge gains rapidly and this is very exciting to watch. Her particular passion is communication – giving learners a voice, so that they can share ideas, express themselves confidently and use language to problem solve, build relationships and break down barriers.

She takes every opportunity to be with learners and connect with supervisors, team leaders, managers. It’s all about mahi tahi – we are all learners and teachers in this together.

Qualifications: M.Lang &Tchg(Hons); RSA DELTA (Distinction); B.Ed; NCALNE

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