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We have had the pleasure of delivering learning solutions to front-line staff, team leaders, supervisors and managers in over 40 different industry sectors. As many of our clients have a culturally diverse workforce, we have experience in working respectively with multicultural organisations and learners.

Our staff are able to speak to couriers and suppliers confidently now, whereas before they were scared due to not having the right words and confidence to do so.

Operations Manager

Supply chain

There has been improved communication with management. People that wouldn’t say more than hello are now engaging in conversation and asking questions if needed. This means they are now confidently asking for clarification of instructions and less errors are being made – this has made a significant improvement in our production rates.

Production Manager

Food Manufacturing

Staff are feeling more comfortable to stand up and contribute to our Sector Toolbox meetings. This is a huge step forward in terms of team culture as well as confidence for them. We have seen a positive improvement in team culture and engagement.





Due to their improved confidence, the guys feel more comfortable asking for assistance. They are also now involved in hazard ID, safety assessment and developing controls to manage risks. Senior Managers are being approached with ideas and useful suggestions are being offered on how to make the workplace safer.

H & S Manager


Prior to the training we were struggling with staff engagement. Now we have seen a massive improvement. As a result of the ability to communicate effectively, staff are actively involved and participating in problem solving, quality and continuous improvement ideas.

Team Leader


Relationships have improved for a group of staff from different work areas, and they have bonded together as a team. We now have a stronger team culture and improved customer service, which has been noticed by our guests. The team is using their renewed skills and confidence to up-sell our other services, which have meant a higher average spend per guest.

People & Culture Manager


Our managers have really stepped up – the programme has significantly helped develop their leadership skills and how to manage their responsibilities more confidently. They especially responded well to the modules on different personalities and behaviors, problem solving and coaching skills. The morale of our workforce has improved too now our managers are more confident.


Technology Services

I really enjoyed this programme. It helped me a lot. I can now understand the paperwork I need to do for my job. And I am now speaking up more to my boss and at our meetings. The health & safety has really improved in my team too.


Production Operation

This course has helped me to absorb and react more professionally to things I read in the workplace. It has helped me strengthen my critical thinking skills, to summarise, extract important information, interpret information faster than before and more effectively.



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