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Brother International NZ partner with Workplace Communication

When Aspire2 Business approached Brother International about their customised Workplace Communications Programmes, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Brother International Logistics Manager Jerome Pa’u had noticed communication gaps within his team, and he was keen to seize the opportunity to upskill his staff.

“We wanted to try and encourage the logistics team to get involved and share their ideas. We felt some of them were not confident enough to speak up in team meetings and we also knew that their email communication needed improvement.”

Jerome worked closely with Aspire2 Business to craft the programme’s course content and material, ensuring maximum relevance to trainees, and optimum results for the business.

Training kicked off in April, with weekly sessions delivered onsite at Brother International in Tauranga, during work hours. The results were obvious.

“From halfway through the course I could notice the difference in the team. People were speaking up more in meetings, sharing their ideas and collaborating. The email traffic increased, and the quality of the emails was much better as well.”

Sessions on public speaking and leading meetings also had a big impact.

“By the end of it, members of my team were presenting to a group – that’s not something they would have been able to do before this programme. I was really impressed.”

But it wasn’t just the workplace that benefitted from the newfound communication skills.

“A lot of what trainees learnt, like how to fill out documents, is really important not just at work, but for life in general. I got lots of positive feedback from my team about the course – they really enjoyed it and we all noticed the difference.”

Now that Brother International has first-hand experience of the positive impact this training can have, they’re poised for more.

“Currently we are working with Aspire2 Business to put together a framework for training opportunities for next year. We’ll do it for logistics again, but also open it up to sales support and potentially our help desk too.”